On the end of last year 2013, Zalongwa made the ​​party to finish the year by inviting family members from each employee. The Party was held at Funcity Kigamboni area . On that day people were very happy with familiarity. We pray to God that by the end of this year we can meet again with our families.
These are some pictures from that party .
Zalongwa technologies conducted a workshop at Zalongwa Office, where the workshop was based on DHIS2 Training the case of ZimRBF (Zimbabwe Result Based Financing) system and Bug Fixing.
Main Participants were ICT Experts from Zimbabwe ICT warehouse and ICT Experts from Zalongwa Technologies LTD.
Training Instructor were;
-Dr. Juma Lungo
-Mr. Charles Bundu
-Nicholaus Mwendu

Training Participants were;
-Rosyna Jani from Zimbabwe
-Moses Marimo from Zimbabwe
-Benson Muzenda from Zimbabwe
-Misheck Chakanza from Zimbabwe
-Nikumwitika James from Zalongwa
-Sophia Rogati from Zalongwa
-Lackson David from Zalongwa
-Anna Uswege from Zalongwa

The first annual iHRIS Academy, organized by Dr. Juma Lungo and hosted at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania on August 12-16, 2013, was conceived as a way for iHRIS implementers and developers to share field experiences as well as quick solutions to common problems.

The Academy exemplifies the kind of bootstrap community involvement and engagement that iHRIS is calling for as it retools its focus from creating iHRIS products to strengthening and supporting the growing iHRIS community.

“We realized, because of the growing demand among our computer science students to become iHRIS software developers, that there is an opportunity to reach many people,” said Dr. Lungo. Broadening and strengthening the community that supports iHRIS products is a key measure of success if iHRIS is to see universal and reliable healthcare become a reality.

Zalongwa Experts participated in the Academy,here their names
Bunto Mbozi
Anna Uswege
Nikumwitika James
Charles Bundu
Zalongwa Technlogies Ltd have participated TCU Exhibitions for several years.The goal of participation is;
-visiting our customers and know their problems concerning our services
-Finding new clients to promote our services and Products
-To assure them (Customers) that zalongwa exist and available at more closely

These are some of the pictures in the exhibitions for the year 2012 and 2013.
- 2012 Exhibitions
- 2013 Exhibitions
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Here are things highly recommended to be installed after installing Ubuntu 12.04

see http://www.noobslab.com/2012/05/install-cairo-dock-301-in-ubuntulinux.html

also see

Nano is a text editor suited to working in UNIX. It is not as powerful as PC window-based editors, as it does not rely on the mouse, but still has many useful features.

Most nano commands are invoked by holding down the Ctrl key (that is, the control key), and pressing one of the other keys. In this text, the control key is referred to using ^. For example, ^X means ``hold down the CTRL key and press the x key''. Most of the important commands are listed at the bottom of your screen.

^G nano help
Starting nano
To edit a file called filename, type nano filename.

In nano, you can insert another file:
^R read an existing file into nano (inserted at the current cursor position)
^T opens a browser that allows you to select a file name from a list of files and directories
The usual mouse-based point-and-click method is not supported by nano. Use the arrow keys to move around the page in nano.

Other navigation commands:

^A move to beginning of line
^E move to end of line
^Y move down a page
^V move up a page
^_ move to a specific line (^_^V moves to the top of the file, ^_^Y to the bottom)
^C find out what line the cursor is currently on
^W search for some text.

When searching, you will be prompted for the text to search for. It searches from the current cursor position, wrapping back up to the top if necessary.

Insert new text at the current cursor position just by typing the text in.

Delete commands:
^D delete character currently under the cursor
BackSpace delete character currently in front of the cursor
^K delete entire line
^\ search for (and replace) a strong of characters

Cut and paste
^K does not delete lines permanently; the most recent set of deletions are stored in a buffer. These lines may be re-inserted at the current cursor location using ^U. This may be used to simulate cut and paste:

Repeatedly use ^K until all of the text you want to move has been deleted.
Move to the line that you want to insert the text at, and use ^U.

Note that pressing ^U more than once will cause multiple copies to be inserted. This is particularly useful if you want to copy text:

Repeatedly use ^K until all of the text you want to copy has been deleted.
Press ^U immediately to put a copy back in its original location.
Move to the line that you want to copy the text to, and use ^U.

Saving and Exiting
^O save contents without exiting (you will be prompted for a file to save to)
^X exit nano (you will be prompted to save your file if you haven't)
^T when saving a file, opens a browser that allows you to select a file name from a list of files and directories