Ubuntu 11.04 Tips

The Ubuntu 11.04 has arrived!

1.0 If your computer has a RAM size of 4GB and above choose to install the 64bit version otherwise go for the 32bit version.

2.0 By default, 11.04 comes with Unity as its desktop. Enjoy findings your familiar menus.

3.0 If you want to change from Unity to Gnome (that is your want your desktop icons and menus looks like the same in the old distributions), that is possible. Follow the following steps:

Classic Gnome fans, fear not. You can still use standard Gnome in Ubuntu 11.04 if Unity is not your bag.

To change to traditional Gnome, logout and then after clicking on your username, select Ubuntu Classic Desktop at the bottom of the login screen.

Enjoy the latest and greatest Ubuntu with regular Gnome!



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